Annick Goutal in Rotterdam

For quite some time now Annick Goutal,  one of France’s most famous perfume houses,  has established its exclusive retail presence in the Netherlands. In September 1999 Lianne Tio opened the doors to her first boutique,  which has since been located at Weena-Zuid 144 in the city of Rotterdam. It is here,  in an ambience of subtle chiq and elegance,  that you can experience fragrances reminiscent of the world of the Belle Epoque.
The boutique located in Rotterdam is the Annick Goutal Flagship Store for the Netherlands and carries the complete line of Annick Goutal products.

Annick Goutal,  a truly devoted and expert maker of perfumes,  has passionately developed each fragrance in total respect for the traditional methods of perfume making. Annick Goutal’s fragrance creations are exclusive in nature,  each having a unique and innovative character. Of her 28 fragrance creations,  each is an unexpected fragrance resulting from their origins and the fact that they are derived from only pure and natural ingredients. Nineteen perfumes are available for her,  for him 9 distinctive and masculine scents,  two scents have a popular following by women and men alike. Also,  a line of scents developed especially for children is available., It is no surprise that Annick Goutal has been praised as the perfumer to the stars.

However,  not just the famous strive to find the scent that best compliments themselve and their personal lifestyle. Today,  the truly discerning buyer is challenged to find a unique scent with which he or she will not be confronted in their daily routine. With this understanding,  the philosophy and specialism of the Annick Goutal boutique is to allow each of her clients to experience every fragrance in a quiet and comfortable way. This intimate environment allows our clients the time needed to discover and experience their favorite scent. Experienced personal and professional advice also bring attention to the qualities of each fragrance in relation to her clients personal taste and to their sense of individuality. People that expect the most from themselves and their surroundings are certain to acknowledge the quality and luxury of Annick Goutal. Ultimately,  they become addicted to and continually return to this top brand.

boutique2Business Gifts

boutique3Offering an Annick Goutal gift of perfume or grooming kit (choose from skin care or home fragrances in the form of scented candles or scented pebbles) will leave the recipient with a lasting impression that you have spent great time and consideration making a selection. Should you or your company be looking for a business gift of exceptional quality,  taste and originality,  you will always find yourself welcome in our boutique located in Rotterdam. We are also ready to assist you with your needs by telephone,  offering advice and service,  making it possible to arrange delivery of your gift selection directly to your valued business relations.