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La Violette


The Violet : the "love at first sight" flower

Memories. Of small bouquets that we used to find on street corners. Of flowers in the middle of special meal tables, amidst the best white linen. Just like "La Violette" house, in Aveyron, of which Annick was so fond.

Pictures. Of a fanciful flower that used to decorate the low-cut dresses of the 1920's. And which served as a charming invitation for gentlemen to venture forth.

Delicacy. Tiny sugared flowers we savour before the cake is cut.

Metamorphosis. Flower, stem and leaf are used to make this sublimely green floral fragrance. With its delicate touch of rose, the violet is powerfully seductive. For just one night, life becomes one big opera - and you are the star!

Eau de Toilette 50ml spray.

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