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Scented Pebbles including the diffuser available in Scented Pebbles Rose Absolue.


To give your home that ideal scent, Annick Goutal has created fragrances for your home in keeping with her elegance. Bouquets of subtle and natural essences, for an inviting atmosphere.


Room sprays are ideal for instantly creating a fragrant atmosphere in your home. Scented candles, in a glass, striped with gold, they diffuse their subtle perfume for about forty hours.


Two home fragrances perfect for every season, which leave the interior of your home delightfully scented. The cult fragrance Eau d'Hadrien is a fresh, joyful and hesperidic perfume which blends the zesty aroma of Mediterranean citrus and the refined notes of citron and cypress, and the aptly named Noël, which mixes lemon, bitter orange, mandarin and Siberian pine.

Eau d'Hadrien vaporisor 100 ml
Noël vaporisor 100 ml



Scented candles 175 gr. new packaging:


Noël, Eau d'Hadrien, Fleur de Tiaré, Le Sac de ma Mère, Petite Cherie, La Rose, Ambre en La Violette.

Orientalistes Boxed sets

These candles are also available as boxed sets. Luxurious black cases with 2 or 3 candles, embellished with the same flight of the golden butterflies. According to your preferences, they can be lit one by one or in unison, as their heady vapours are intended to complement one another beautifully.

Ambre Fétiche 70 g and Myrrhe Ardente 70 g two candle boxed set Encens Flamboyant 70 g and Musc Nomade 70 g two candle boxed set Ambre Fétiche 70 g, Myrrhe Ardente 70 g and Encens Flamboyant 70 g three candle boxed set.

Orientalistes Candles

The four perfumes presented and featured, now in stock, are finally available as scented candles, in a limited edition. Clothed in matt black glass, decorated with an Orient-inspired label in black and gold.

Ambre Fétiche, Myrrhe Ardente, Encens Flamboyant or Musc Nomade scented candles, 175 g

Other available scented candles:
Corsé, Le Muguet, Fleur de Gardénia, Eau du Sud, Boîte à Epices, Cèdre, Narcisse des Poètes.

These candles each weigh 140/175 gr., will last for aproximately 45 hours and are presented in a beautiful glass with a golden lace and the Annick Goutal monogram. The straight but slightly diverging glass and special with natural essences perfumed wax make for a better distribution of the scent.

Eau d'Hadrien Tango

Eau d'Hadrien 175g in a special printed glass.

Eau d' Hadrien TangoFor this Eau d'Hadrien limited edition, the candle glass is decorated with refinement, it puts on stage several couples of dancers who come to life at the candle light. It creates a charming atmosphere. The Eau d'Hadrien scent is a truly sparkling composition - a fresh, citrus fragrance with the subtle notes of lemon and cypress.

Christmas Candle Noël

Every year, aficionados watch out for this exquisite candle, with its enchanting fragrances of orange and Christmas tree. Warm and emotive, it heartrendingly evokes the magic of a Christmas night with a basket of mandarins under the lights of the Christmas tree. The candle's charm is embodied in its inimitable gold-streaked vase.

Noël Candle 175 g


Coffret MinikaarsjesSet of five minicandles in a transparent coffret to get to know the most popular homefragrances by Annick Goutal: Eau d'Hadrien and Noël.

Petite Cheriealso available are 35 gr. mini scented candles in the fragrances Noël, Corsé, Ambre en Petite Cherie.


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